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Hang Decorative Pieces on Your Wall (No More Nails Needed!) | Handyman - Do It Best

5 Renter-Friendly Ways to Decorate the Room (No More Nails Needed!)

Settling into a new flat could be a lot to take in. Even if it's a temporary living space, you want to make it feel like home. While you can't apply major changes to your new apartment’s layout, there are still ways to make it feel cozier and homier. Putting up your favorite décor or hanging a photo frame is one.  

But you don’t want to get on the bad side of strict landlords who don't allow drillings that could damage the walls. Tell you what, we have the perfect alternatives just for you! No more nails are needed because these adhesive solutions will do the trick!  


Here Are Ways to Decorate the Room (No More Nails Needed!)

1. Use hooks

If you’re a fickle decorator, then the Polar Bear Hook is perfect for you! These non-residual hooks can easily stick to surfaces and can be quickly removed (if ever you have a change of mind), leaving your wall smooth and free from any marks.  

These hooks can hold up to 1kg, generally for lighter-weight objects. 


2. Stylize with washi tapes 

Aside from holding your piece in place, decorative tapes will surely add accent to your plain-looking walls.  

Find yourself a washi tape at your local craft supply store or do it yourself! All you need is a double-sided tape, fabric or printed paper with your preferred patterns, scissors, and a little creativity. *wink* 


3. Work on a DIY Hanger Jewelry Organizer Project 

Some rental properties do not have built-in closets, and purchasing your own jewelry organizers will cost you a lot. We suggest you make your own.

Save money and channel your inner artsy side so you can hit two birds with one stone!  

Click here for the tutorial.  


4. Find existing wall features and stylize

Look for hooks or screws that are already installed on the wall. Perhaps you can personalize the space by adding photo frames or canvas paintings.  


5. Use a trusted multi-purpose construction adhesive 

Last but not the least, for extreme bond strength, the Bostik No More Nails is a perfect choice. You can use it on a variety of construction materials such as wood, concrete, metal, and more.  

Of course, you also save yourself from the hassle of breaking your walls with a hammer or drill. 


Spicing up your new home to your liking need not be expensive. At the end of the day, home is where the heart is.

Get all the adhesive solutions you will need such as No More Nails from your trusted hardware store. Handyman online store in GoRobinsons delivers straight to your doorstep! 

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