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5 Unusual Items Kurin Can Clean

5 Unusual Items Kurin Can Clean

Taking care of the mess in one's home is a daily struggle that a homemaker knows all too well. If you are tasked with sanitizing your residence, then you need a trusted cleaner to make sure everything is neat and free from germs. 

Kurin is an all-purpose, super ionized water made with proven Japanese technology. With just one spray, you can already do a lot of things such as cleaning, degreasing, deodorizing, sanitizing, and disinfecting. It is also the greenest and safest in the market, making it one of the must-have cleaning suppliesfor your home!  

What if you discover that you can clean other household items using Kurin?  

Here are 5 Unusual Items Kurin Can Clean

Kurin Cleaner

 1. Coffee Makers 

Coffee lovers must keep their coffee makers clean and ready for the next brew. After some time, the buildup of residual coffee grounds of even milk will affect the quality of the drink. It can even damage the machine. You don't have to purchase home kitchen appliancesfrom time to time. Make cleaning easy with Kurin!  

To clean your coffee maker, just fill the coffee maker reservoir with water (enough to fill the pot) and mix in some Kurin. It will automatically clean itself, and you'll see the bacteria come out of the container after a while.  


 2. Smelly Shoes 

Get rid of the "kulob" smell after wearing shoes with Kurin, as it also serves as a deodorizer! You only need to spray inside the inner soles of your shoes and let them sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute. There are no complicated instructions or harsh chemicals! Just spray, wait, and wipe! 

This works best if you have shoes that are made up of fabric or foam, as the materials absorb most of the sweat. 

Note: Not to be used on leather shoes  


3. Baby Toys

Parents tend to be really keen and careful when it comes to cleaning baby toys and items. It is highly important for them that the solutions they use are toxic-free and allergen-free. 

Compared to other cleaners, Kurin is super ionized water, meaning, it has no amount of harmful chemicals. If you want to clean your baby's toys, all you need to do is spray it directly on their item, wait for a minute, and wipe it clean with a cloth or tissue.  


4. Pots and Pans

Kurin is indeed a multipurpose cleaner that is both safe and effective for every corner of the household. In fact, homemakers who spend most of their time in the kitchen and dining areas will even say that it's a good cleaner for pots and pans!  

Get rid of dirty kitchenware in three (3) easy steps! 

  1. Run your pots and pans in the sink with dishwashing soap, while leaving a layer of Kurin Kitchen on the area with stubborn or tough stains.  
  2. Let it sit for 1 minute.
  3. Clean with elbow grease or a heavy-duty sponge to fully get the stains out.  

Note: Use Kurin Kitchen on stainless steel, non-enamel coated cast iron, glass, or ceramic cookware. Avoid using on any enamel-coated, non-stick, and iron cast (use with caution) pots and pans.  


5. Alkaline-loving plants 

For the plantitos and plantitas who love keeping their plants' leaves clean, Kurin is perfect to keep them as fresh as ever! Alkaline-loving plants will benefit from a few sprays of Kurin, as it removes dirt and debris that blocks their ability to get sunlight. In a way, using the cleaner will help make their photosynthesis process better!  

Just spray Kurin on each leaf and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, wipe with a clean cloth. You're done!  


It's time to experience the joy of cleaning with Kurin today! This cleaner will solve many problems and can be used daily for your home so you can keep it clean, without the risk of harmful chemicals.  

Instead of going out to commute, enjoy an easy shopping experience online here at Handyman by GoRobinsons! 


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