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Avoid Paying for Hefty Repairs With These 3 Roof Maintenance Tips

Avoid Paying for Hefty Repairs With These 3 Roof Maintenance Tips

Usually out of sight, your home roof tends to be out of mind until a leaky one gets your attention. To avoid spending more and taking extra time on hiring someone to repair what protects your home and what’s underneath, we got you some tips on how to do your own roof maintenance:

1. Do a regular inspection

The weather changes a lot. It is always best to check your roof after a huge typhoon or a windy day to see if there is anything you need to remove or repair the soonest. As one might think that inspecting the roof requires you to get someone else, you can actually do it yourself by using a safe ladder that can hold you to go up like the 4x4 Surestep Multi-Purpose Ladder. It’s stable, durable, and can safely carry you during your inspection. But, always make sure to have someone from your home spot and guide you for extra safety precaution.

While you’re up there, be meticulous in checking all corners which might have missed or exposed fasteners that you can re-attach with the likes of Lotus Impact Drill (in 18V X-LINE LTHD18VLI-2- type) to be rest assured that your roof is back on being properly nailed.

2. Make sure your roof is weather-ready

After doing inspections for possible damage or clogs, you might also want to check if your roof needs to be repainted. To avoid going up so much and getting worried from time to time if your roof is just fine, aside from being properly built, good paint should also be at hand.

As the paint mainly coats your home overall, it’s best to use one for your roof that can withstand different types of weather in the country. And with that, look no further as the Boysen Roofguard Baguio Green, a gloss acrylic and water-based roof paint, is designed to protect and adhere to most roof substrates. It gives a durable and flexible film, fast-drying time and good gloss retention for galvanized iron surfaces, pre-painted galvanized sheets, asphalt shingles, and unglazed roof tiles. Overall, this helps you have a long-lasting and extra strong roof.

3. Prevent leaks beforehand

Water leaks during the rainy season are inevitable. To steer clear of having this worrisome, we’ve prepared a recommendation of great sealing products perfect for your roof repairing/maintenance:

- Bostik Super Vulcaseal All-Around Sealant
This product comes in two sizes (1L and 75ML), so you can choose the size depending on what you will need. This is an easy-to-use, one-component sealant for all common household and construction materials. Known to be best in sealing, and patching cracks, it can also fill leaks and holes in your corrugated metal roofing as well as your gutters, downspouts, and plumbing pipes. It is also one of the top brands of elastomeric sealants in the Philippines.

- Waterstop Wet and Dry Sealant
Now here’s another good sealing product that’s good for repairing holes around your roof! An epoxy-based waterproofing sealant that works on wet and dry surfaces and is known to be fast drying enough which provides a crack-proof and watertight seal on leaks over a long period. This is a sealant that can be hand molded and applied underneath roof holes at any time.

Now that you already got these tips, you’ll certainly be worry-free about your roof maintenance. Just another little tip to always be mindful when doing this on your own and never hesitate to also ask for guidance from a professional.

For the materials recommended, everything you need can be easily bought online via GoCart! Always be home-ready, be a Handyman!

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