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Car Detailing Secrets by Automotive Experts You Need to Start Doing

All car owners know that the first step to keeping their cars clean and well-maintained is washing them regularly. However, a simple car wash just solves a "surface" problem and does not really keep your car in tiptop shape. If you want to maintain its value for longer, then it's best to stick to car detailing. This level of care says how much you want to make every ride enjoyable!

Before you rush and buy car detailing products online, read up on the tricks and secrets of car experts so you won't be disappointed with the results.


Here are 7 Car Detailing Secrets by Automotive Experts You Need to Start Doing


1. Start with the interior

Many car experts prefer detailing the interior of the car first. This is because the whole car detailing process requires getting in and out of the vehicle.

If you don't follow a specific order on how you should do things, there's a big chance you'd dirty it and end up taking more time than originally planned.


2. Keep it clean

Take out the trash! This includes food wrappers, receipts, loose coins, and more. A High Gear Car Care Kit may come in handy because it comes with a microfiber cloth and glass cloth you can use to dust interior surfaces, starting from the top down.

Wipe clean the center console, door, and interior panels, windows, and seats. Then, get a High Gear Multipurpose Protectant to safely restore the deep shades of rubber, leather, and colored plastic in your car. It is made with a water-based formula, so you won't have to worry about harmful ingredients damaging the surface.

Lastly, remove all floor mats so you can wash them later.


3. Give your car a good wash using the right shampoo

Now that you've covered the interior, it's time to keep the paintwork looking great by washing your car! While some people think doing this everyday is good, it's not.

If you're not careful, you might end up removing your car's protective coating. Plus, auto detailers recommend that you wash your car when the bodywork is cool and out of direct sunlight. The water will evaporate faster on hot cars and it would leave water marks.

We recommend using a High Gear Super Foaming Car Shampoo to safely clean without stripping wax or polymer paint treatments. Its foamy and easy-rinse formula also does not leave soap residue.


4. For the best results, use a pressure washer

Car experts recommend using a pressure washer because it is far more efficient than garden hoses and uses less water. Not to mention, it has a stronger cleaning capacity!

The Do It Best Pressure Washer is perfect for removing loose mold, grime, dust, mud, and other dirt from your car. Remember the floor mats you took out from the car earlier? Wash it using this pressure washer.

If you are looking to buy car detailing products online, this is a perfect addition to your shopping list. The Do It Best Pressure Washer 1500W has a 120 bar pressure, with a 7.5L per min maximum flow rate.


5. Do not air-dry

Once you're happy with the car wash, use a chamois or microfiber cloth to dry out the vehicle. Experts do not recommend you to air-dry the car because it might invite water spots or streaks.


6. Don't forget to restore your car's glass to perfect clarity

In car detailing, it's all about the details. The High Gear Acid Rain & Watermark Remover is made with a blend of optical grade polishing compounds and cleaning agents safe for all types of glass. It is perfect if you want to clean your glass while removing acid rain.


7. Prevent your tires from aging

Many elements will degrade your tires over time such as UV, oils, oxygen, dirt, road tar, and more.

Use High Gear Tire Black Cream to keep your wheels in optimal driving condition for a better and safer drive. Its natural gloss also leaves a deep black satin finish that beautifies and protects.


The end goal of car detailing is to maintain its value for longer. Avoid the hassle of going out to commute and buy automotive & cleaning products online here at Handyman by GoRobinsons!

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