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Tips to Save on Electric Bills While Staying Cool & Comfortable This Summer

Tips to Save on Electric Bills While Staying Cool & Comfortable This Summer

Summer is almost here, and we are all feeling the heat come down on us. If you identify as one of the many homemakers who want to cut down on cost while keeping your home cool, there are simple and inexpensive actions you can take!  

Purchasing energy-saving lighting supplies like LED bulbs online or in-store sounds like the obvious plan, but there are still other ways to stay cool and comfortable through the season while saving some of your hard-earned money from going to paying your electric bills.  

Here are 3 tips to stay cool and comfortable this summer while saving on electric bills:  


Tip #1: Remember to unplug your devices

While we rely on both household appliances and kitchen equipment to conveniently work on our daily tasks, you can save more if you turn off these heat-emitting culprits! This helps reduce energy costs since you will also be getting rid of the “phantom” or “standby” electricity that appliances, chargers, and standard power strips use, even when not in use. 

Unplug or turn off the following:  

  • Computer 
  • Television 
  • Lamp 
  • Kitchen Oven  
  • Lights in unused areas of the home  

Unplugged Tip: Why don't you rekindle the fun of engaging in conversations and spend some time with your family? Bring out the grill and prepare a lovely al fresco meal during the late afternoon. Or you may also set up an easy set pool for a chill time! Not only will it keep your house cool, but you'd also enjoy the bonding moment with your loved ones.  

Get the best summer-ready items and save up to 50% on select summer items like indoor pools, iceboxes, coolers, beverage dispensers, fans, grillers and more when you purchase online during our Fun in the Sun promotion until March 31 only! 


Tip #2: Do your laundry efficiently

Washing machines and clothes dryers generate a ton of heat. Stay cool by postponing your laundry task until the evening or early morning. This is when the temperatures are lower and less energy is being used in your home.  

Additionally, you can conserve energy by avoiding the clothes dryer entirely and just letting your laundry air dry. Leave the job to the sun!  


Tip #3: Unleash your green thumb

Did you know that you can also benefit from being a plant parent? Plants help temper off the radiation emitted by the sun. This is because they go through transpiration, a process where they release excess water into the air. This, in turn, cools the surrounding environment. Studies also show that the moisture released by plants helps maintain indoor humidity in the human comfort zone of 30 to 60 percent.  

Join communities, do your research, and learn from certified Plantitas/Plantitos before buying gardening tools online. This will be one of your favorite energy-saving tips you'll make for summer! It doesn't hurt that the plants are aesthetic too! 

Some of the best cooling plants are: 

  • Ferns 
  • Snake Plants 
  • Peace Lilies 
  • Golden Pothos 
  • Palm trees 
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Ageleonemas 


Stay energy-efficient while being cool and comfortable this summer. For your convenience, you may shop online here at Handyman by GoRobinsons! 



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