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Top 10 Outdoor Solar Lights and Where to Use Them

Top 10 Outdoor Solar Lights and Where to Use Them

Solar lighting is currently reaching the mainstream field especially now that we’re getting more campaigns on how to preserve our home – the earth. In case you don’t know much yet about solar lights, this article is the answer to your curiosity. Solar in general is eco-friendly and a renewable source of light through the sun. You might have seen these around buildings, streets, or roadsides but you can also easily get and install some outside your home for a much more nature-friendly vibe across your garden, front yard, or backyard. 

So here are our top 10 recommended solar lights perfect for easy installation and cost-saving energy:


Outdoor Expressions Solar Path Light A07 – Black

Never underestimate this mini solar light as it may be perfect for keeping your small plants or garden miniatures lighted. The minimal design and its size are perfect for any look or theme of your household.


Firefly Rechargeable Solar Emergency Lamp, FEL345

This one is good for residential use. It has a solar panel charging function which is made to protect against overcharging or discharging of the product. It also has a dimmable built-in solar charger touch control with 80 pieces of bright LED. This can be used for up to over 20 hours which can save so much energy.


Qusun Ceiling Lamp MX450L32

This LED lamp is perfect for the ceilings at your doorsteps or above window panes. While the design is visually sleek and minimalistic with metallic brown color, it also offers tricolor lights with 32 watts of energy.


Outdoor Expressions Solar Pathlight (Stainless Steel)

To keep your paths to doorway at night well lit, this solar light might be what you just needed. With its affordable price, it can also be easily installed without the use of heavy tools or equipment.


Philips Sensor Floodlight

As the name suggests, floodlights are made to flood light in a specific area. This is the best way to provide an enormous amount of light which is also known to be highly energy efficient and has a higher lumen per watt output than any other conventional lighting system. Also built with a sensor, you can easily see anyone who passes by this light which also gives extra security at your home.


Outdoor Expressions Solar Stake Light Black Ne-03

As this product looks visually appealing, it’s also very beneficial when providing lights in a specific area. It also helps add an accent to your home or even to your garden.


Ibright UFO U900 Daylight

This product is just as good as daylight. It is designed to give a huge amount of light to where it is installed. Made with 40 Watts of energy, it surely is cost-efficient and eco-friendly.


Philips Essential SmartBright G3 LED Floodlight

This floodlight is made with a compact and sturdy design. Its lightweight yet built with higher efficacy than other lights of its type. Its reliable quality makes it an ideal product replacement for conventional floodlights.


Do It Best Solar Powered Wall Light

As the brand name suggests, Do It Best is known for best well-built products. Its solar-powered wall light is great not just as outdoor accents, but also by keeping the surroundings lit while having the mobility of being wireless as well as being energy-saving.


Ibright Led Portable Flashlight

Flashlights are widely used when looking for something or giving you a pathway guide in dark areas. Aside from being portable, it also saves so much energy and cost. Eco-friendly? Indeed it is.


It’s never too late to opt out of solar lights. Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free while saving the earth at all costs. All of these eco-friendly items can be easily shopped online here at Handyman by GoCart!

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