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Year of the Water Tiger Celebration: 5 Home Preparations to Make the 2022 Lunar New Year More Special

Year of the Water Tiger Celebration: 5 Home Preparations to Make the 2022 Lunar New Year More Special

Some aspects of the Chinese culture have been ingrained in Filipinos. This includes the celebration of the Lunar New Year (also known as the Chinese New Year), which marks the beginning of a calendar year whose months are moon cycles, based on the lunar calendar.  

If you closely follow this celebration, then you are probably already familiar with basic traditions and practices on how to prep your home for the much-awaited holiday.  

Here are 5 2022 Lunar New Year home preparations to make the day more special:  

1. Clear out the clutter 

Remember to scrub your windows, sweep and mop the floors, brush hard-to-reach corners with this Do It Best Rechargeable Electric Spinner Brush, and dust off the dirt from furniture and fixtures, and keep everything clean in the days leading up to Lunar New Year. It's normal to conduct general cleaning during this time. This act purges your home from the "past" and puts you on a new slate for the year ahead. What better way to do it than with this super-efficient Black + Decker Pressure Washer? Get rid of the old to make way for the new!  

Cleaning the house is important to drive away bad luck from the previous year. Since you are not allowed to clean on the day of the Lunar New Year, make sure you have your household cleaning tools and supplies ready and get everything in your home cleaned and polished before the clock strikes midnight!  


2. Paint the town red and gold

When it comes to Lunar New Year, specifically the Year of the Water Tiger, the colors deeply associated with it are red and gold. Almost everything is painted in these hues as it is believed to boost luck and ward off evil spirits. It also symbolizes vitality, prosperity, happiness, and long life.  

Decorate your home in red and gold, along with lanterns and paper cut-outs bearing expressions of hope, or auspicious plants.  


3. Give your wardrobe an upgrade 

Do you need an excuse to shop for clothes? This is the perfect time to do so! It's best to wear new clothes in Lunar New Year. You can also give these as gifts to the whole family!  

If you go on a shopping spree, just remember to keep it neat still and organize your wardrobe. After all, cleanliness is one of the top considerations when it comes to Lunar New Year home preparations. 


4. Fill your fruit basket 

Fruits are believed to represent luck and prosperity, especially mandarin oranges, kumquats, tangerines, and pomelos. Give your dining table some flair and fill your fruit basket with lots of lucky fruits to openly receive the new year's blessings!  


5. Celebrate with a family dinner

Most families reunite during the Lunar New Year. Some even travel long distances just to see each other. The celebration of welcoming the Year of the Water Tiger won’t be any different! Since dinner is already a compulsory part and is considered a tradition during this holiday, make sure to prepare lucky dishes such as fish, dumplings, spring rolls, prosperity cakes, and more to be shared with everyone. It's time to bring out the new kitchen and dinnerware: food trays, fancy pitchers, pans, plates, and special utensils! 



Lunar New Year gifts

If you're not yet done with your Lunar New Year shopping and home preparations, make sure to complete it before the big day!  

Avoid the hassle of going out to shop and order what you need online at Handyman – Do It Best via GoRobinsons. Plus, enjoy big discounts when you shop for household items and home improvement supplies from our 2022 Lunar New Year Sale starting this Jan 28 to Feb 1, 2022. 


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