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Ramgo Vegetable Tomato Seed Small

Adaptability: 21 – 24°C (mean monthly temperature)
Maturity: 60 – 70 days (AFTER SOWING)
Planting Distance: 30 cm X 100 cm
Plant Population (per ha): 33,333 hills per ha
Seeding Rate: 200 g/ha
Number of Seeds (per gram): 300 seeds
Method of Planting: best transplanted
Sowing To Germination: 5 – 7 daysGermination To Transplanting: 30 – 45 days
pH Requirement: 6 – 6.5
Harvesting: Fresh market tomatoes (table and salad tomato) are often harvested at the mature green stage and ripened either in transit or storage
Potential Yield: 18 – 36 t/ha — table and salad tomato
Post harvest Handling: 3 – 4 weeks = 13 to 18°C and 85 to 90% RH for uniform red color ripening of matured green tomatoes

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